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AirBall™ - The Worlds First Hover Ball

AirBall™ - The Worlds First Hover Ball

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 Practice In The House, Out Of The Mud!

The AirBall is designed to let you practice and play whenever and wherever! Rainy days stopping you from getting a game in? Not anymore!

You can expect hours of excitement with its long lasting battery life and peak durability designed to withstand the hardest of kicks, Promising hours of non-stop fun!



Football Will Never Be The Same:

✅Designed With Peak Durability: Our balls are hand crafted to remain durable and remain in amazing condition for prolonged use, allowing you to practice risk free!

✅Say Goodbye To Breaking Furniture: Our balls are designed with a protective foam bumper allowing them to cushion off of any surface, Allowing you the piece of mind when playing.

✅Play In The Dark: Our balls come with LED lighting allowing you to continue playing even when it's dark out.

✅Take It With You Everywhere: Our balls portable design allows easy transport while on the go.

✅Kick Farther Distances: Our balls compacted design allows you to kick it greater distances than an old fashioned ball, Allowing for more intense practice sessions.

✅Play Along To Your Favourite Music: Our light up music balls allow you to jam to your favourite songs while playing, creating a more chaotic and fun atmosphere.


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